Coca-Cola Engineering Co-op


Projects Include:

  • Performed stress testing on controller board of Arctic Coke machine, found failure in ultrasonic transducer drive circuitry, worked with supplier to redesign board and correct issue.

  • Programmed in LabVIEW and built automated test system integrating flow sensors, pressure sensors, vacuum sensors and solenoids to simulate and validate lifetime reliability of syrup pumps, including testing of 24 pumps simultaneously.

  • Redesigned Automated Beverage System (ABS) cup and fastening system to incorporate molded-in inserts to prevent stripping of insert and loss of cup. 

  • Retrofit of modern dispensing equipment into ABS to create a proof of concept prototype. 3D printed nozzle adapters and created tubing design.

  • Designed fixture and accelerated use test plan to verify design changes of pneumatic cylinder in ABS. Arduino used for automation and data acquisition.